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Commercial Loans

Lines of Credit:

Primarily for working capital needs or temporary/seasonal cash flow for operating expenses; typically secured by a first security interest in all business assets; usually a one-year term.

Term/Installment Loans:

To finance long-term working capital needs or the purchase of capital assets such as equipment or business vehicles/vessels; secured by a first security interest in the assets being purchased and/or a first lien on all business assets; generally up to a ten-year term.

Real Estate Loans:

To purchase or refinance existing commercial use or multi-family buildings; construction loans for commercial, multi-family or other non-residential purposes; and development loans secured by raw land; construction and development loans granted up to 24 months and permanent financing granted up to twenty years; all real estate loans secured by a first mortgage. 

Agricultural Loan Products:

Operating Loans:  Based upon the value of your assets and allows you to borrow, repay and borrow again.   Gives you the flexibility of having funds available when the need arises.

Equipment Loans: 

Allows for the purchase of machinery and equipment and repaid on a schedule that is based on your credit amount and useful life of the equipment.

Farm Real Estate Loans: 

Allows you to purchase or refinance existing real estate to meet your expansion or development objectives.